Development of the Healer ...
is a significant aspect of Healing Touch.
e offer these stories and newsletters
as a way of supporting this deepening.

Consider the path a butterfly has travelled before it emerges from the cocoon phase and can fly...
quite a journey of transformation!

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As we travel along our various paths of experience we are brought together in the sharing of HT. What was created by Janet Mentgen and then formally developed by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) into the AHNA Healing Touch Certificate Program is an experiencial journey into the ancient mysteries within modern society. By bringing together the work of various healers we are able to witness similarities and are given an opportunity to inquire into our own ways of being in the world.

Healing Touch (HT) was first offered in Canada in 1990 when Alexandra Jonsson invited Janet Mentgen to teach in Toronto, ON. By 1993, Susan Morales-Kosinec and Janet Mentgen had created Healing Touch Canada, Inc. and the Canadian HT community was spreading from coast to coast. Since 1996, HT Canada has been offering what had become the Healing Touch International Healing Touch Certificate Program.

Many individuals contributed to the growth of HT across Canada and heartfelt appreciation goes to all of you who have passionately volunteered over the years as coordinators, networkers, practitioners, class helpers, etc. May we continue to do the hearts work!

Level 1 Peterborough, ON Feb 2011
(l-r) Shelley, Sandy, Alexandra, Lorelee, Angela, John, Helen & Ava.
(missing are Wendy & Jane)
photo © Wendy Joscelyn

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The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.
Kahlil Gibran


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Development of the Healer Stories...

UPDATE - 12 Reasons To Have A Practice Group
conversations with Karen Stewart, HTI-PA - January 21, 2010

12 Reasons To Have A Practice Group
from conversations with Karen Stewart, HTI-PA - January 11, 2010

Rhythms of Life
November 24, 2009 - Angela Mattos, CHTP

Nature as Teacher, life as an expression...
May 19, 2009 - Angela Mattos, CHTP

Developing as a Healer
April 7, 2009 - Angela Mattos, CHTP

A Journey with Healing Touch
June 2008 - Angela Mattos, CHTP

We must learn not to disassociate the airy flower from the earthy root, for the flower that is cut off from its root fades, and its seeds are barren, whereas the root, secure in mother earth, can produce flower after flower and bring their fruit to maturity.
The Kabbalah

Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


UPDATE - 12 Reasons To Have A Practice Group - from conversations with Karen Stewart, HTI-PA - January 22, 2010

After attending the Practice Group on January 17th and speaking with others in the community about their plans, Karen is pleased to report on the way things are evolving. The group is enthusiastic about the shared responsibility of offering an ongoing practice. The opportunity to be part of a joyful, creative community while deepening their healing experiences has led to the planning of monthly meetings until June.

During the practice, participants gave and received a treatment while reviewing techniques. At the end, a group chakra connection was improvised and offered a new experience for many.

Karen spoke with various people in the larger HT community and, based on their feedback, the original "12 Reasons" have been slightly modified to reflect the playful, nurturing environment that can be offered within a practice group or community at large.

1. A review of techniques in a light-hearted environment
2. As part of ongoing self-care
3. To learn something new with an emphasis on HT techniques, principles and values
4. To deepen your practice with joy
5. To encourage one another
6. To share experiences
7. To be of service to the community of HTer's
8. To be of service to the people we are treating
9. To mentor others and provide spiritual companionship
10. To be reflective, in a gentle, supportive way
11. To move from "doing" to 'being' a vessel of love
12. To belong to an engaged, playful healing community

We hope that you will consider this model and find others in your vicinity to practice and build community with!

Think about what first brought you to Healing Touch and why it is important to you.

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12 Reasons To Have A Practice Group - from conversations with Karen Stewart, HTI-PA - January 11, 2010

Local practice groups can offer many blessings and develop in ways that are unique to each community. Karen Stewart, HTPA in Surrey, BC began coordinating classes in the Vancouver area last summer and when participants asked about how they could continue to practice between classes she suggested a practice group be started.

Knowing that many individuals already have full lives and are not eager to take on more responsibility, Karen reflected on what she could contribute. Having been involved with HT in Ontario for a number of years and volunteering a significant amount of time, Karen asked herself what would motivate her to become involved and how she could be of service. She quickly found she would be eager to participate in a practice group if she focused on things that were of value to her and came up with 12 of them. (see list above)

If they could develop a tradition of shared, rotating leadership, no one person would be over extended and no one person could 'take over' the group. Participation could be viewed as part of their healing practice and service to the community. With these intentions as the foundation of a practice group, Karen has now been a part of organizing a HTI Practice Group in Vancouver. They next meet on Sunday, January 17, 2010 and will talk about setting up regular monthly gatherings. If anyone would like more information, please contact Karen directly at ksinbc@shaw.ca

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Autumn - What are the rhythms and qualities of your energy field?
A burst of spectacular foliage has fallen and initiated for many a time of cleaning things up and preparing for the cold temperatures ahead. Daylight hours are reducing in this area and there is a natural tendency towards slowing down and going inwards. Time for introspection is something we must create for ourselves if we are to honour this natural rhythm within the fast-paced world we live.

Healing Touch encourages self-care for both practitioners and clients, as it is an essential aspect of healing. Being respectful of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states allows for different relationships both with others and ourselves. We begin to experience life as it unfolds when we are paying attention to its unfolding.

Have you connected with the rhythms and qualities of your energy field lately? If not, you might want to set aside time for some self-care or try the following.

Sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths to connect with your body.
Slowly bring your awareness to the different components of your being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and notice how they each feel energetically?
Be open to all the senses and experience the energetic quality of each component.
What draws your attention?

Are the various components in alignment with each other?
Do you experience them as connected in some way or do they feel separate?
Try doing a Chakra Connection or other technique and then investigate the qualities of the various components again. Have they changed?

There are no right or wrong experiences with this. It's about bringing awareness to your experiences. (What is the experience before the mind evaluates the experience?)
Now try connecting with the rhythms of life where you live. Put your attention on the environment around you. Are you in harmony with it?

As you breathe with awareness you will begin to feel or notice some resonance. Things may come forward which are not comfortable. They will show you how the mind takes you away from that which is at your core, your essence.

Now focus on the breath and connect with that place of balance within. Resonate with the life force/light within. Become more and more familiar with it, using the breath to connect with the life force/light that radiates and connects with everything around you.

(If you happen to be in a fast paced city or chaotic environment then you might want to pay attention to that which you are experiencing as chaotic. Connect from that place within which is connected to all and experience the chaos from there. Notice what you experience in the body.)

Take a few deep breaths, be aware of the physical body, your connection with the earth, maintaining an awareness of the life force within that is connected to all.

As you pay more attention to your energy you will begin to notice what takes you away from balance and what brings you back. Experiment and find ways to gently bring your awareness back.

I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who tries this!

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Nature as Teacher, life as an expression...

In April 2009 I was in NL for the HTAC Conference and was thrilled to have had time with fellow HT'ers as well as to tour around a little. To experience magnificent coastlines, icebergs, and exceptionally friendly people was a gift which offered a sense of wonder, awe, connection & spaciousness...

Nature has been my most profound lifetime teacher. There is always something for me to get curious about when I take time outdoors (or indoors for that matter). Experiencing the myriad of textures, colours, patterns, sounds, and sensations enhances the opening of my heart. As my curiousity awakens, preconceived ideas begin to fall away and suddenly doorways open to new possibilities.

It's something like working with a client during a Healing Touch session. The more present and centred I am, the easier it is to follow the energy that is created by our coming together. The mind moves out of the way and doorways open.

Next time you are outdoors take a few minutes (or longer) to actually stop and look at something that is commonplace to you. Become aware of creation expressing through the shape, colour, texture, smell, sound, etc. Notice how your body feels. Does your heart respond? How does this interaction affect your energy field?

Of course this can apply to interactions with people as well. When you are listening try to see/hear them as creation expressing. What is it that they are bringing forward into physical form? What is driving them? By paying attention to the body instead of the mind we move from analysing and judging to experiencing. Connect with and experience what might be beneath the outward expression. Again, notice how your body feels. Does your heart respond? How does this interaction affect your energy field? Consider how your response might influence those around you.

As Vicki Slater demonstrated in her keynote address at the HTAC conference, we are influenced on an energetic level by what is going on around us. By remembering our connection with source or the divine we can have a different experience. (return to list)

Angela Mattos, CHTP

Lighthouse at Cape Bonavista, NL

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Developing as a Healer

If you have completed Level 3 of the HTI Healing Touch Certificate Program and would like to get to know more about yourself as a healer, I highly recommend taking Level 4. The experiences you have both at the class and in the following year might surprize you as you complete the assignments from Level 4.

Level 4 is quite different from Level 3 in that you will be strengthening your skills working with one client. You will also receive treatments from another student. (Click here to see the curriculum.)

Doing the Level 4 assignments can be of great value whether or not you are planning to complete Level 5. They will give you insights and hopefully take you to new places. The emphasis is on developing as a healer.

Returning for Level 5 and successfully completing the Level 4 homework brings a sense of completion and the title of Healing Touch Practitioner (HTP). Level 5 is another level of refinement and a time for celebration.

Angela Mattos, CHTP

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A Journey with Healing Touch
I was first drawn to Healing Touch in 1990 when a friend was looking for a healing program that offered certification and credibility. Being a layperson, the fact that HT was a nursing continuing education program didn't have much value to me until I realized that Janet Mentgen asked to take back the certification of HT from AHNA when they were heading in the direction of closing it off to only nurses. This was 1996 and HT International was created so that HT certification could be transferred there. I was grateful that Janet was able to stay true to her vision of offering it to anyone who was willing to learn as I had been certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) in 1995 and was hoping to maintain my certification.

Having come from the medical model and incorporating techniques that are standardized lends a certain credibility to the program. While many see it as a way of becoming "a healer" the "development of the healer" is a major aspect as one moves through the program. As Maggie Freel, RN, MEd, CHTP/I, HN-BC says "you have been given the tools now it's up to you to grow into them."

Can we recognize that we already are the spiritual and energetic principles that we are taught? Healing Touch is an educational program that is also a path of transformation.

As practitioners, we can learn about ourselves through our clients. They reflect back our beliefs and behaviours in regards to boundaries, responsibilities, attachment, holism, respect, integrity, compassion and the list goes on.

While there are many paths that can be walked, immersing oneself in one for extended periods can open doorways to a new awareness that does not happen when we jump around from one thing to another. After going through Level 1-5 of HT and then certification I was able to look back and see the unfolding that was occurring within me. I am very appreciative that Janet Mentgen was my instructor from Level 1 to Level 5 and that I had numerous opportunities to spend time with her outside of the classroom between 1990 and 2005. There continue to be times when I hear her voice and remember things she offered ...

HT is a collection of the work of Brugh Joy, Alice Bailey, Barbara Brennan, Janet Mentgen and others. Janet used to say "if you can, go to the source." To experience the source of this work consider reading (or re-reading) Joy's Way, Esoteric Healing, Hands of Light, and the HT Guidebook for Health Care Professionals. While some things may have changed since these books were first written, they give insight into the paths walked by the authors and the principles they were following. White Shadow is also an interesting read which gives a perspective of one healer's journey while sharing stories of Janet Mentgen.

When the road gets bumpy, remember, there are many others who have gone this way before you. Slow down, breathe, be with yourself in a gentle way and look to those that have gone before you for assistance. Share in celebration with others.

May we walk with lightheartedness, courage and compassion on our journeys!
Angela Mattos, CHTP

"Dive in and experience the essence of life"

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